The Nibbler
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The Nibbler

A WiFi USB data collector that automatically uploads critical machine & Precision Ag USB data as well as tracking location. This device can be used for hindsight machine usage reporting that does not require forward planning or operator input. 

Connect to Dropbox  for 24/7 access to machine data straight from the Precision Ag Display or direct data transfer to your preferred 3rd party Agtech provider.
Compatible with all displays using USB ports for data export, we have 


Vendor: Big Sky Technologies
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Product Type: Data Transfer


The Nibbler USB data collector plugs into a USB port and appears as USB Storage, then makes it simple to save that data via WiFi to dropbox or direct to another Nibbler. No more pockets full of USB drives!

The Nibbler has been used in these scenarios:

  • CNC Machines with USB port
  • Precision Farming Displays
  • Desktop Computers
  • Anything you use a USB to collect data from

Our customers use them on the following devices:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux 
  • CaseIH Pro 700 (Internal battery keeps it powered to sync once the screen turns off)
  • New Holland Intelliview IV (Internal battery keeps it powered to sync once the screen turns off)
  • Trimble FMX
  • Trimble CFX
  • Trimble TMX
  • Trimble GFX
  • John Deere 2630
  • Trimble EzGuide 250
  • Trimble EzGuide 500
  • Raven Viper 4 & 4+

The workflow to send data to the USB will be different per screen, but once it is transferred, just press the button to sync via WiFi!

  • WiFi (add multiple WiFi networks using the web interface)
  • Internal battery
  • Push button sync to cloud
  • Short cable for hard to access ports
  • Local web interface for settings, manual sync and changing API keys and deleting data.