Enabling Connectivity and empowering analytics to deliver faster insights.


Connectivity is one of the primary challenges facing rural and regional industries and is widely recognized as a major blockage to advancing agriculture toward increased food production goals. Connectivity and good communication are also a major strain on social and human resources.

Big Sky Technologies was founded to specialize in solving the problem of connectivity and data in rural areas




Inspired by the power of connectivity


The Enabler

A robust, mobile communication hub designed to deliver strong connectivity in fringe or poor cellular coverage areas. It is magnetic and powered by 12v/24v/240v and has external antenna options increasing range even further. It can be fixed mounted to structural assets or a portable mounted device on vehicles, tractors or mobile homes

Enabler Pro

A business grade communication solution for installation in a fixed location (house/office roof, shed, elevated feature etc) and has twin cellular radios for double the expected data speeds.

The Nibbler

Big Sky Technologies has developed a range of Wi-Fi connected USB device that automatically uploads critical machine & precision ag data as well as providing as providing 24 hour geolocational data. This devise is a very exciting hindsight method of data extraction and cataloging that does not require operator input. All data is housed in our IA platform and can be geofenced to enable detailed analysis of machine activity.

Weather Stations

The Bigsky Weather Station is unique in the industry, as it both connects via WiFi and extends WiFi coverage. It also provides access to readings even if internet connectivity is interrupted. It can be optioned with solar power, cameras or a LPWan (LoraWan) sensor gateway to connect sensors from many vendors.

Enabling Connectivity and empowering analytics to deliver faster insights.

The Digital Ecosystem

BigSky Technologies provides connectivity to enable your digital ecosystem to scale, simply & securely. 


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