AgTeCH 19 invited Jason McNeice, Bigsky Technologies, along with Sarah Nolet, AgThentic; Greg Kauter, Cowal Agriculture; Andrew Roberts, Field Solutions; and...

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There's a certain feeling when you drive out past the city limits and hobby farms to where the panorama opens...

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"The main objective is demonstrating that parallel technologies & development timelines can work together to provide a seamless integration of products/services as a commercially viable consumers product offering, and; the development of inter-operability guidelines to promote wider adoption to assist with solving fragmented industry approach and/or sole vendor lock in."

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Bigsky Technologies
Aug 07, 2021

A Bigsky panorama

In early 2019, this photo of Faba beans at Jimbour was taken as it was one of the first green...

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The industry is going through big changes with advancements in sensors, drones and satellites allowing businesses to function with greater efficiency.  “If you’re not controlling your data or you don’t understand your data then I don’t think you’re going to be moving forward with the technology advancements,” said Toby Harpham, Bigsky Technologies

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